About Merrill and Mandalas

Once upon a time when I lived on Quadra Island, my friend suggested I draw. I didn’t know how and had never even tried it before. I was living in a very humble abode on the beach which provided a very inspirational setting for me. My first attempt was a little sketch of my cabin, primitive but a start. It was the wedge I needed to find an inner talent I didn’t know I had. I think my very next endeavour saw spinning spirals and various fractal lines which soon evolved into the circle form. With pencil, ruler and protractor in hand I was brimming with ideas to put on paper. I was motivated into this contemplative art and continued to express myself with this endless and timeless meditative form. I am always excited to begin a new piece starting with the center focal point and working my way out, filled with anticipation and mystery of an accomplished result. My tool box is simple – a pencil, eraser, ruler, protractor and coloured pencils, and I’m ready for my journey.

My artwork has been displayed in art galleries, movie sets and private collections. All of my work is original. I hope you find my mandalas interesting and a comfort to both your eye and mind. They tell stories in their simplicity and can be useful for meditation.

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