Merrill’s Mandala Gallery

Purple Wheel

Lightness and warmth.  Purple and peach.

Blue Star

This mandala expresses my love for blues and stars.  Hints of Arian red interspersed with the happy glows of yellow.  It still remains one of my all time favourites!


Bright colours of Mexico, ‘Sol’ was made for my daughter, Kameyo, who frequents Mexico and brings home wonderful stories and memories of this warm and colourful country.

Contemplation (1)

The following three gems comprise a little trio reflecting different colors and feelings within the same shaped boundaries.

Reflection (2)

Inspiration (3)





When I made ‘Butterflies’, I was living in a round house and my drawing table faced out onto a lush garden and pond. I used to watch the herons as they waded and fished, the deer that wandered the field and the butterflies and birds by the bamboo. A very tranquil setting.

Easter Egg

Although this is not a mandala, I still include it in my collections. I like its simplicity and charm. The original is actually dried flowers

Greek Women

‘Greek Women’ was inspired by tiny china espresso cups that my mother gave me as a souvenir of her trip to Greece.

Just A Note

For music lovers!

Blue Note

A small expression of my big passion:  Music!


One of my earlier pieces, ‘Warmth’  makes me think of sunshine streaming through the forest.

Illuminated “B”

The original of ‘Illuminated B’ was made for my niece, Brielle…  pinks and lace.

Illuminated “M”

The following three mandalas are variations with a different background.

Illuminated “P”

Illuminated ‘P’ has a dusty blue background.


Feature your own choice of letter, symbol or photo.

Purple Passion

A commissioned piece for a computer wizard.  Purples uplifted with happy yellow tones.

Summer Sage

I created ‘Summer Sage’ in the summer of ’04.  Purple heather and purple lavender in the hot summer sun.

Indigo Blue

My two favourite colours, blue and purple. Inspired by beautiful Indian fabric.

Mother’s Star

Originally done in very soft pastels for my mother, I decided to emphasize with strong, bold colors, portraying the colourful life she led, with vibrancy and warmth.


‘Joy’… an expression of happiness and delight!

Circle Of Love

Made for my love and I.  Finding new love and filled with so much love made this one emerge rather quickly. Hearts entwined, hands held together and surrounded by love… simple.


The dragonfly begins its life as a water nymph, and eventually becomes equipped to survive in its new element, the air.  Although it can look back at its old life, it can no longer be part of it, just as we move on from our past.


Blue champagne flutes emerged in this piece.  My friend gave it its name.  The original, set off with sparkling swarovski crystals, was a wedding gift for my friend.


Created for a very dear friend of mine who requested roses and doves.  The rose is the heart amidst the turmoil and darkness. There are cracks of light with soft windows at the points leading into the golden light surrounding everything. Hearts encircle, ever present, assisting in the entire process of dark into light.

Fiery Threads

Inspired by my daughter, Cari, directing her vision through me, we created it together.  I came to enjoy the experience once I got out of my own way as she took me totally out of my element, challenging me to create something very different for both of us.

She claims it is my best one so far!

Caribbean Radiance

This beautiful star was created for my sister, Marj.  Playing with it digitally I came up with ‘Caribbean Radiance’, ‘All in Amber’, ‘Electric Warmth’ and ‘Black Crystal’.

Here we have the Caribbean colors, while still preserving some of the pastels.

Electric Warmth

A ‘blue streak’ develops amidst the earthy warmth of browns and oranges. The intricate detail allows the eyes to drop a strong focus to see a depth of changing features. The circle and the square emerge when details are no longer in focus. This can facilitate the mind to relax and release tension. Use it to process any soft emotions, including sadness.

All in Amber

Amber is the lightest weight and softest of all gems. True amber is light enough to float in salt water and it is warm against the skin. Amber has many healing properties, fights depression, and serves as a magnet to attract joy to the wearer. May All in Amber speak to you.

Black Crystal

Black crystal is very protective and offers you a retreat.  It is the night without the moon. Besides being a great grounding force, black crystals can relieve your fears of physical harm and give you a sense of well-being. It clears and purifies negative energy better than any other stone and is a “stress absorber”.


Christianity has many detailed symbolism, such as the white dove, the fish, the chalice, various crosses, the rainbow and the scallop shell.


The sacred syllable Aum.  ‘May peace be with you’.


The symbol of hands shows fearlessness and non-violence towards all creatures. The black symbol, hrim, is a seed mantra, representing invisible sound, infinity and divine energy of all tirthankars. The geometric outline, (LOK), symbolizes the Universe.

Masonic Mandala

A commissioned work  for a Grand Master of the Masonic Order symbolizing the working tools of a Master Mason on his journey through the three degrees of Freemasonry.

Eastern Star

A commissioned piece depicting the symbols and special colours that are represented in the Women’s Order.


Red dahlias standing boldly in the sky.

Christmas Angels

Candles, music, angels, gifts and holly are just some of the treasures that make Christmas so warm and special. Choirs of Angels sing!

Journey to Bethlehem

Another little piece I snuck into my library, even though it is not a mandala. Still, the ‘C’ gives the sense of roundness…

Sing Noel

All wrapped up in a pretty red bow, and now this music note is ready to go!

Gingerbread Men

A wreath of love, aglow with lights and dancers around the Christmas tree.  Love and Joy!

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